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Add Quillpad Language Input to Your Website.

Step 1.

Copy code snippet.

Copy the generated code snippet from the email sent by Quillpad Language Input.

Step 2.

Paste this code in your website

Paste the code snippet into any HTML page where you would like to enable Quillpad Language Input. You may want to include this code in your website template to enable Quillpad Language Input for the entire website.

Please note that Quillpad credits as shown below, will appear only at the location where you are inserting the code.

You are free to insert the code at any location within <body> tag, wherever you are willing to show Quillpad credits. Irrespective of where the code is inserted, Qullpad Language Input will be enabled for all the text input boxes on that page.

You can override the default language for any particular text box by setting the attribute ;quillpad="enable|telugu"


Ready to type in Indian languages.

Once the code is added to your page, users will be able to type in the chosen language in any input fields present on that page. The active language will be displayed above the right top corner of the input field, whenever the input field has the cursor focus. Users can uncheck the active language to write in English. Alternatively, they can use F8 to toggle between English and the Indian language.

Users can toggle between Indian language and English by selecting the checkbox in the popup

Hindi Mode:
English Mode:


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